Land of one farm for construction of 5208 sq / m (residential buildings
and at least 3-4 auxiliary buildings) in Nida, Rucava parish. Building
density 20%.
To the sea 400 m, the land borders on the servitude road to the beach.
Property can be purchased by a non-resident as a private individual.
Next to this land there are 3 more land plots with the same status
– Land of 6103 sq. m. To the sea 300 m 54 000 EUR
– land of 5343 sq. m. To the sea 490 m 34 000 EUR
Nearby 4 land plots have been sold, electricity has been attracted to
all the land plots on this line, boreholes have been built for purchased
water, sewerage has been built, temporary residential buildings have
been installed.
About 40 km from Liepāja, 5 km from the Lithuanian border, 15 km from